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GIFT FOR PARENTS - "An idea I saw when I was in Belgium. The children make all kinds of different flowers and they put them in a plastic cup (with a little sand.) At the back of the flowers you write down things to accomplish, like prayer, being nice to brothers and sisters, scripture reading, doing dishes, etc. depending on age or what you want to teach. You make a little note for the parents where you write: Dear parents, we need a little help, this little flower pot helps me to become more like my Heavenly Father. Would you please help me to pick a flower in the morning, so I can work on it that day. If I don't succeed please be patient with me and let me try again tomorrow, for I am a child of God learning to become like my Father. The children can decorate the flower pots, you can also make hearts (perhaps for valentine)."  ANNEKE, ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS