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CONTACT "Contact with the children is the best way to activate families. At the beginning of each year, I would contact the parents (mothers usually) of those children who were not attending Primary to let them know about the program and to make sure that we had their permission to contact their children, especially if they were totally inactive. Actually, first you need to make sure you have an accurate membership list and be sure to include those children whose names are not on the computer printout but whose parents were baptized. Then we would make sure the teachers understood what we wanted them to do. By the third Sunday of the month, there would be a contact sheet included with their rolls listing those children who had not attended any Primary yet that month. The teachers were asked to contact those children (whose parents had given us permission) sometime during the next week, either by phone, in person, or by mail. The teachers then indicated that contact on the contact sheet and turned it back in. During the time I was in the Primary Presidency, we were able to activate at least one inactive family a year, including a couple who had been listed as no contacts."