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UPLIFTING MESSAGES "In addition to sending birthday greetings, we try to send an uplifting message to the less active children each month from the primary. We make postcards for them using cardstock and clip art.  Cut 4 ways they are the perfect size for post cards and they get the message instantly because it's not buried in an envelope. Another thing we are trying is sending an issue of the Friend to them so that they can read the stories and have the wonderful messages in there. I wish we could send a whole subscription to each one but that would just be way too expensive. We had the children "earn" the money to pay the subscription by reading the scriptures. For every day they read the scriptures, we put a penny in a jar (the money comes from the Primary budget) and those that read them every day would be a member of the Seven Penny Club. They earned the money really fast and were doing a great job of reading their scriptures. I know that we sometimes wonder if it makes a difference to them but I know that it made a difference to my husband when he was growing up and his parents were not going to church. Later when he did join the church he remembered what all those primary teachers had done for him and his mom told me how neat he thought it was to get mail all the time from this "mystery person". Kids like getting mail anyway and if it has a positive message included it might be the only part of the gospel that they are getting at that time."