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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - "For this activity we wanted to give the children some basic information about emergency preparedness and food storage with memorable "hands on" experience. We divided the kids up in three groups and rotated to three different areas:
Wheat Storage and Bread Making - In the kitchen we showed how to can wheat and seal it in a can. There were several different types of wheat grinders that we gathered from ward members (hand and electric) for the kids to grind the wheat into flour. Then we had dough (prepared ahead of time) and showed them how to kneed it to make bread. We didn't actually bake the bread because, well, too many hands - - you know.
72 hour Emergency Kits - In the cultural hall we set up a relay using items from a 72 hour kit. First we talked briefly about a 72 hour kit, why it is important, and what should be in it. We divided the group up into two teams and had one kit in a backpack for each team. A member from both the teams was placed at each station, and the 72 hour kit was run relay style from station to station. At the first disaster they had to open the backpack, get out the rain poncho, put it on, and run though the hurricane which was the 11 year old scouts armed with squirt guns. The next station was famine where they sat and ate a granola bar and had a drink of the water from the water bottle. Then, on through the darkness (behind the curtains of the stage with the lights out) with the flashlight. The final station had two children, one pretending to be injured, and the other to administer first aid. They had to wrap either an ankle or a wrist with an ace bandage. Then on to the finish line.
Food Preservation - In another room close to the kitchen we set up an area to demonstrate the preservation of fruits and vegetables. We had a display of bottled fruits, vegetables and jams to show, and explained that it is necessary to preserve many things because of harvest seasons. We also had some dried apples and bananas for the children to taste. We had them prepare some fruit for drying by slicing bananas and peeling apples with a slicer/corer/peeler. Then we had them place the fruit on the trays to dry. The kids loved using all of the gadgets. At the end of the activity we gathered the children all together, and gave them a treat which was a small bag of trail mix tied with the scripture, D&C 38:30 . .if ye are prepared ye shall not fear." ELAINE JONES, ARIZONA