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GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNIN'! - "We made a large poster of the idea from the Jan.2000 Friend road map insert, and the Eagle Point Ward Primary shared with us the Enlarged sign posts they had made from foam board and PVC pipe. Through the year, the monthly theme was mounted on posters (black and yellow, like a warning sign), and the accompanying road sign introduced with it during Sharing Time. The Saturday following our Sacrament Meeting Presentation, we had an Activity Day, with their own decorated cardboard boxes made to look like cars and trucks driving on the highway, with masking tape on the floors marking the road lanes. We had four stations for the children to drive to, set up in different areas of the building : 1st: Vehicle Inspection, Registration, & Driver Training This is where they received their License Plates for their vehicle and their license to drive, after driver training, of course! (The person in charge of this area could look official, like a policeman, or a technician with a lab coat & clipboard.) Use art, like the CTR shield, or the Valiant logo. 2nd: Gospel Standards  This person instructs again briefly the rules of the road, with the monthly themes as the guide. In this room we placed tin foil down as the road, used chairs as obstacles, and darkened the room, which made it
hard to see without a light! 3rd: Choice and Accountability In this area & in-between the others, we had a policeman giving "citations" for "Driving infractions" and "Commendations" for "Good Driving", which gave them a "Ticket" for the Drive-In movie. (We showed "Johnny Lingo!) We then had hot dogs and popcorn to eat.  It was so much fun, and the children were so creative with their cars (and trucks, even!) Another ward did this with a service theme, videotaping each class performing a service project, then watching it for their drive-in movie." KARENE, CENTRAL POINT