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DEVELOP NEW TALENTS OR SKILLS! "Our last activity day was an opportunity for the children to learn a new skill or develop a new talent. We brainstormed as a presidency and came up with ideas for lots of different classes (see list below). We wanted to introduce them to new things that they might have talents or develop an interest in.
We presented the list to the children a couple weeks ahead of time to figure out what they'd be interested in (they got to vote for 3 subjects) and then we found people to teach the different subjects we settled on.  When the children arrived for the activity, they were given different colored stickers and were divided up by color. They had 3 half-hour classes, with a short passing period between each one. At the end they all gathered together and ate food (prepared in the cooking class) and ice-cream cone.
Some of the classes they could choose from were:
painting and art
Basic car maintenance
proper football throwing techniques (we have the school's quarterback in our ward)
intro to piano
camping skills (setting up a tent, knot tying, compass reading etc.)
cake decorating (or cookies)

They all enjoyed it, and it was easy to do because each teacher just planned HIS/HER own lesson, so our work was minimal. Parents and ward members were happy to volunteer A lesson at the beginning or end about the worth of souls and the importance of expanding our abilities would be appropriate." JULIA, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS