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TEMPLES AROUND THE WORLD  - "Since the Church has become world-wide, our Activity Day was centered on learning about temples throughout the world.  We also wanted the  children to learn about different cultures.  We asked members of our primary board who had served missions to give a brief discussion about the  country they served in and some facts about the temple there.  Each room was decorated and some had music playing that was common to that  country, and learned how to say "hello" and "thank you" in the language spoken in that country.  We assigned each child to a group and rotated through six different stations or countries.  Before the children visited  these countries, they took a simulated airplane ride.  There was a check-in desk where the children were given colored boarding passed that  correlated with their assigned group.  Each child also received a passport with information about each country and the temple.  The over-flow !  between the chapel and the cultural hall was lined with chairs like an airplane, and each colored group sat in a designated area.  We found sound effects of a plane taking off  and landing and had a member from our ward was recorded as the pilot.  All the primary presidency members dressed alike to appear to be flight  attendants.  We served peanuts and pretzels and water for the in-flight snack.  After each group had rotated through each country, everyone met and sang "Children All Over the World."  The children loved visiting each country and learning about the temple and the culture of different countries.  We as a presidency had a great time planning and visiting the countries as well.  " LESLIE, IDAHO