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FOREVER-FAMILY THEATER - "We found that having Primary Activities which included not only the Primary children, but the entire Branch/Ward makes for a very successful activity. We combined our budget with the Activities Committee to do four different activities. This made it  affordable and the Activities committee enjoyed our help with the activities! One idea we did was a "Forever-Family Theater" night.  This was discussed with the children and announced in the Branch/Ward bulletin well in advance.  The idea is to utilize FHE nights for families to plan/design and build their cardboard "car-fronts".  One VERY talented member made a sporty car-front as the visual announcement placed in the foyer for  the activity.  On the windshield was the information for the movie night  with the date and time, etc. The license plate read: "CTR". Anyway, families use their creativity to come up with various car-fronts (the ideas were endless!) and they arrive at the church on the activity night. **This also encourages having FHE! Prior set-up includes:  Use the cultural hall and use masking-tape for the parking spaces. We did a "Drive-In" theme and made speakers for each parking spot, set up a concession area for pizza, pop-corn and soda (the dinner), and select an appropriate movie. The Primary children had  earned "reverence tickets" for part of the year to spend at this activity for their families' food and drink.  They earned tickets for  reverence, giving a talk, scripture or prayer, sharing their testimony, singing well, and various other positive things.  Everyone had a wonderful time.   "DEBBY, WEST BLOOMFIELD, NY