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BOOK OF MORMON - "[When planning an activity] the first question I'd have is "What do you want to have happen in the lives of the youth?" If you are focusing on the Book of Mormon, how do you want to change their relationship with the book because of the activity? Two questions we use that help get us to where we want to be are: What experiences would help us reach our goal? What activities would provide those experiences? I think if I were planning quarterly activities for Primary, I would want the kids to be excited about the Book of Mormon and want to know more. I'd start with a gathering of music time singing Book of Mormon songs. I'd divide the kids up into groups or teams and I'd run stations. I'd have a "Get the Plates" relay, and a "Nephi's Bow" shooting station. I'd do something with making the ship or Lehi's dream, and we'd review the stories as they go through the activities. I'd post any pictures that go with the stories up on the walls." GAYE, ALASKA