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GOSPEL IN ACTION MOTIVATION TOOL - "I have scheduled appointments to go into the homes of children between ages 8-11, starting with the 11-yr-olds. We sit down together with a parent and review the program requirements, and set a date to accomplish at least one of the goal areas. Then, we paint a paper plate green/yellow/brown to look like the center of a sunflower. Next, the children are given sheets of paper with a total of 18 yellow petals (copied on yellow copy paper) that they can cut out; two green leaves (copied on green copy paper), and some green copy paper to make the stem. The 18 petals are to be taped to the back of the paper plate as they accomplish their Gospel in Action requirements -- they write their accomplishments on the petals. When the sunflower is completed there will be petals for the 13 articles of faith, and one goal in each of the four areas. One petal is left for their name. They are given an instruction sheet that has a drawing of what the sunflower should look like when it's completed. We also glue sunflower seeds around the edge of the plate, and draw a cute face when the paint dries. I leave them with the extra sunflower seeds. At the end of the instruction sheet, it says "Sunflowers always face the sun. As you learn to set goals in the Gospel in Action program, you will learn to follow 'The Son' and grow closer to the Savior!" The children have enjoyed watching their sunflowers grow in beauty as petals are added. Meeting individually with the families also helps educate the parents and gain their support. It also helps the children to remain motivated when they have a visual reminder in their rooms hanging on their wall."