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GIA YEAR - "We spent a year long emphasis on the GIA program. The key was dividing every eligible child up among the presidency and each member of that presidency had stewardship over those children. They were to be interviewed on a monthly basis and helped wherever possible on their goals. We also had a special Sharing Time, and made a nice photo album to place their picture in when they received the pendant or tie tack. Throughout the year we practiced the articles of Faith, for each Article of Faith which was memorized and passed off to either the teacher or presidency member they were given credit for a baseball. During the summer activity day we rented a dunk tank and the children could throw as many baseballs (plus 3 free ones) at any member of the presidency they would like. We had huge success. Sunbeams came with 5 and 6 Articles of Faith memorized.  At the end of the year we had a special activity day with activities which helped the children see how the GIA is put into action. At the activity we presented the bishop with a 11x14 inch plaque with 39 children's names on it. They were pretty amazed at the accomplishment they had done."