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TRACKING OF THE GIA PROGRAM - "*For storage space I produced this on fabric so it can be rolled up and storage in the closet.  Draw a beehive. I used the base and first ring of the beehive for the first, second, third, and fourth article of faith and each ring thereafter for one article of faith each. Place a line of Velcro on each layer of the beehive. Surrounding the beehive draw four pictures, one for each area. I chose honeycomb, sego lily, sunflower and seagull (doubling for Utah history). Each senior-aged primary child, leader, and teacher all got a (die cut) bee with their name on it. As each person passes of an article of faith or area, they get to move their bee to that area.  Keep a hard copy track of this so the bees don't have to be moved in order. This also helps to keep down the competition.  Be sure to draw the beehive large enough for all the children to easily see on the wall.  For the GIA packets that we gave out it had a beehive on it with a bee at the top. On the top we wrote "bee" at the top of the GIA chart. Under the beehive we wrote the goal date. In this case it's just before our primary program so we could all wear the pendant and tie pin for the program. "